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National Cancer Registry:

  Cancer is one of the most important health problems worldwide. The cancer registry is an organization for the systematic collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data on subjects with cancer. There are two main types of cancer registry: hospital-based and population based cancer registries Estimated cancer cases were unknown in Sudan because of the absence of population- base cancer registry. The fist cancer registry was functional from the early sixties (1960s) to the early eighties (1980s) It was based on histopathologically confirmed cases diagnosed mainly at the National Health Laboratories of public health in Khartoum (Stack).

National Cancer Registry:

  Along with a hospital based cancer registry in RICK since 1967to early 80s Total of 60.138 patients were registered in Radiation and Isotope Center Khartoum (RICK) during the years 1966-2006. In the year 2007 about 4856 cancer patient were treated in (RICK). Sudan National Cancer Registry was established in May 2009.